Hometown Explorer Club - May 2020 Scavenger Hunt

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At our National Park races we have what we call “club hikes”. These are challenges for runners to complete an iconic hike inside the park within 72 hours of finishing their race. Upon completion, runners would receive a medallion that resembled survey markers.

Survey markers, informally referred to as “benchmarks”, are objects placed to mark key survey points on Earth’s surface. Basically, these markers were placed as part of triangulation surveys which allowed for the early establishing of angles and distances between various points across the landscape. This laid the foundation for map-making across the world.

Although these had a very practical and scientific purpose, there is something enchanting about them. If you’ve ever summited a peak and found one of these markers, you’re familiar with the feeling of being connected to those who have come to that place before you. You are an explorer, and are now a part of that place’s history.

We all have these bucket list destinations we hope to see and check off. But what about your own hometown? How much of your own backyard have you yet to discover?

The Staycation Races Hometown Explorer Club is a Scavenger Hunt designed to help you be a tourist in your own neighborhood. Discover the history of your city, see the beautiful parks and peaks your own area has to offer, do some good in your own neighborhood, try something for the first time. Get out and discover where you are and you will be amazed by all the things you may have been taking for granted. Happy exploring!

We have our $10 option which includes a PDF of the scavenger hunt and instructions, once you report your scavenger hunt score at the end of the month we will send you your Hometown Explorer wood badge! There is also a free option. If you're not interested in earning the badge you can download the PDF for free!