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(This is a featured product. Vacation Races does not sell this product. If you would like to purchase it click on the link and purchase with Sweet Spot Shirts)

"Getting what you go after is success; but liking it while getting, it is happiness." Bertha Damon


 A Flirty and Practical Skirt for the Active Woman! If you lead a busy lifestyle jumping from one activity to the next, this is the perfect skirt for you. Sweet Spot® Skirts are meant to be worn over your favorite compression shorts, tights or leggings. They provide coverage during and after your athletic activities, while ensuring you look stylish the entire time.  

Many people feel uncomfortable running around town in tight exercise clothing. Instead of tying a sweatshirt around your waist, just snap on a Sweet Spot® Skirt and you're ready to work out, meet friends, run errands and carry on with your day.

Great for running, biking, hiking, pickleball, yoga or dress it up for a night on the town.

Picture one:  Fast n Flirty Running Skirt (runner)

Picture two:  Love your body, we sure do!  #activeskirt #classic (all sizes)

Picture three:  Compression shorts that DON’T ride up.